An interregnum is a pause or interruption. This blog contains my musings, and the musings of people I like, on African politics and racism. You’ll also find here my thoughts on Malawian politics. Malawi is somewhere I have spent quite a lot of time, and its politics are often representative of broader issues on the continent.


And who am I?  I’m a Senior Lecturer at the School of Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary University of London. I teach African politics and the politics of international development and global governance more broadly. I’m interested in how International Development policy refracts hegemonic ideas about social and political life. I’m also interested in how ‘Africa’ gets imagined in the metropolitan imagination, and how Africans puncture these imaginations with their own agency, bringing African spaces into the heart of the imperial system of domination. I am also a husband, a dad, an armchair Anarchist, an urban achiever, and inconsistently Jewish.


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